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Our company has specialized garage door spring technicians and guarantees excellent spring replacement and immediate torsion spring repair services

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We, at Garage Door Springs San Gabriel, have earned our customers trust through hard work and dedication.  When it comes to broken spring repair service, we believe we stand out in the community because we offer the very best results at an affordable price.  Our techs are highly trained and we have confidence they can provide broken spring replacement service better than any of our competition.  Garage door springs can be tricky, if you do not have the experience needed to do the job right.  They can also be very dangerous with an amateur at the helm.  Our emergency garage door service is available around the clock and our same day service means you will get the repair service you need right away.  That is our pledge to our customers and the reason we have earned a great reputation in the community.

Garage Door SpringsCome and experience the best quality garage services. We offer door installation, repair and maintenance and employ only the best, highly skilled professionals who go an extra mile to ensure the clients are pleased with the results. Our expertise also lies in repairing and installing other components like openers, cables and springs. We incorporate our customers’ ideas with ours, so as to fully maximize their satisfaction. We want you be part of our ever happy customer base. So say yes to reliable garage door services and let us give you something that you have never experienced. Contact us anytime.

The garage door springs are one of the most important parts on your door. 

These springs hold a big responsibility, not to mention a very heavy door.  These springs must be installed correctly for safety and operational purposes.  Although, these springs are made of quality material and built to last, they will eventually suffer from wear and tear and break.  Each spring is normally good for about 10,000 cycles.  When your springs do pose problems you will need an expert company you can trust to resolve the situation.  There are basically two types of springs that are utilized on a regular basis.  They are the torsion springs and the extension springs. When it comes to garage spring cost, we can assure you accurate and affordable quotes as your security and safety are important to us.

If you are using light weight doors made out of aluminum, for instance, then, the extension spring is typically utilized.  These springs come in pairs just like your automobile brake pads.  Just like those brake pads when you change one, you change both.  These springs are mounted to the far left and right of the door.  The torsion springs are normally used for heavy doors like steel doors, for example.  Once again these springs come in pairs and both should be used.  These springs are mounted at the door center to ensure maximum leverage.  We offer broken spring repair service to both the commercial sector and to the residential sector as well.  Commercial garage doors do tend to use more springs than a residential system.

Don't allow an amateur to replace a torsion spring.  These springs are wound very tight and it takes experience and precision skills to do this job correctly and safely.  If one of these springs snap back it can harm or even kill an individual.  Our expert techs can fix garage door springs the right way like only spring repair professionals in San Gabriel can.  We don't want to see anyone get injured, so we sincerely request that you call one of our professionals to provide broken spring repair service for you. 

Please visit our website at www.garagedoorservicesangabriel.com today and let us know how we can assist you.

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