Garage Door Springs Cost

Garage Door Springs Cost

Garage Door Springs in San Gabriel

The initial cost of garage door springs is included in the total cost of the door. This is because each and every new unit comes with all the hardware necessary for its operation. In case this part has to be replaced, it can be purchased separately.

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The garage door springs cost depends primarily on their type. The extension springs, which are used in pairs, cost between $5 and $30. Most modern garage doors use just a single torsion spring, which sits right above the main unit. The cost of high-quality torsion springs ranges from $75 to $150. There are also less expensive units which are sold for as little as $40 (approximately).

It is important to note that every door model requires a spring or springs with precise specifications such as length, gauge and design. This can limit the choices in front of the buyer and consequently the price range that this person is facing.

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