Why Your Garage Door May Be Hurting your Fingers

Why Your Garage Door May Be Hurting your Fingers

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It could turn out to be a very painful experience, but you really must learn to take care of your fingers during garage door repair. The same rules apply for normal usage. The various sections of the structure act as pockets that can trap things. Therefore paying attention during activities such as rage door repair is of the essence. DASMA normally recommends that all constructions have joints that are resistant to pinches. Alternatively you can ensure that you only handle the standard points that are used for gripping. Do not assume that because you have an automatic structure you are immune to this problem.Why Your Garage Door May Be Hurting your Fingers

Manually operating your door should not become a health hazard

As a minimum, you should have a handle on the lower side. It must lie at least 6” from the bottom. The other handle should be no more than 30” and no less than 20” above the first installation.  These are standard practices for garage door repair parts but some home owners ignore them. It is possible to request brackets that are resistant to tampering. If you do this then you will be protected even under situations of high tension. Although technicians often support customers with genie repair, this is one of those jobs that you could easily undertake independently.

Learning the fundamentals of self-preservation

One important tip is not to use old tracks for new doors. Although this may appear to be a cost saving on garage door opener repair, in the long run it may lead to problems that will be difficult to resolve. Try to watch out for the thickness and weight of the structure that you are attempting to install. In addition you need to keep up with standard requirements like garage door motor repair in order to ensure that you get as much value as possible from the entire process.

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