How tall your children are

How tall your children are

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Children are definitely great gift and great blessing. It seems like first half of our life we spend terrified of ending up with a child and then when we finally decide to have one we are in constant fear of them leaving us. However separation is inevitable, one way or another it happens and quite often it happens when we are definitely not ready for it. It is difficult to accept the fact how our children will grow and leave us and how they are only temporarily trusted to us. Once they reach a certain age our task is to set them free and until that moment our task is much more demanding but also somewhat more sweat and comforting. Well if your children are still little then these are the thoughts you can postpone for a while, especially since there are so many more things to take care of to make sure your children actually reach the age when they get to leave you.

Children are fearless

How tall your children areChildren are externally curios and being like that quite often they are the biggest danger to themselves there is. They need to put their little fingers into everything they see, they need to touch everything that looks even remotely interesting to them, they need to stick their little heads everywhere, and they need to press each and every button they find. In fact there is something fascinated about this amazement children have toward buttons. If it is sticking of the wall it is almost like if it is talking to them directly; like a red flag in front of the bull, they will go at it no matter what happens. And in fact this is when you come into play. Your children quite often are too small to know and understand what might happen to them if they squeeze every little button they see. But you do know and for that matter you need to make sure you have them under control at all times.

Garage door opener control button

One of the buttons that causes more children accidents than it should is the garage door opener control button. There are actually regulations regarding this garage door opener button and the height it should be placed at. In fact one thing that you should consider when having you garage door installed is to place this garage door button as high as possible, well out of reach of your children.

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